Contributor roles#

Contributors are welcome and are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and we give credit to them.

This document aims to explain the current roles in the Astronomer Cosmos project. For more information, check Cosmos Contributing Guide and Contributors.


A contributor is anyone who wants to contribute code, documentation, tests, ideas, or anything to the Astronomer Cosmos project.

Cosmos contributors can be found in the Astronomer Cosmos Github insights page and in the #airflow-dbt Slack channel.

Contributors are responsible for:

  • Fixing bugs

  • Refactoring code

  • Improving processes and tooling

  • Adding features

  • Improving the documentation

  • Making/answering questions in the #airflow-dbt Slack channel


Committers are community members with write access to the Astronomer Cosmos Github repository. They can modify the code and the documentation and accept others’ contributions to the repo.

Check Contributors for the official list of Astronomer Cosmos committers.

Committers have the same responsibilities as standard contributors and also perform the following actions:

  • Reviewing & merging pull-requests

  • Scanning and responding to GitHub issues, helping triaging them

If you know you are not going to be able to contribute for a long time (for instance, due to a change of job or circumstances), you should inform other maintainers, and we will mark you as “emeritus”. Emeritus committers will no longer have write access to the repo. As merit earned never expires, once an emeritus committer becomes active again, they can simply email another maintainer from Astronomer and ask to be reinstated.

Pre-requisites to becoming a committer#

General prerequisites that we look for in all candidates:

  1. Consistent contribution over last few months

  2. Visibility on discussions on the Slack channel or GitHub issues/discussions

  3. Contributions to community health and project’s sustainability for the long-term

4. Understands the project’s contributors guidelines Cosmos Contributing Guide. Astronomer is responsible and accountable for releasing new versions of Cosmos in PyPI <>, following the milestones <astronomer/astronomer-cosmos>. Astronomer has the right to grant and revoke write access permissions to the project’s official repository for any reason it sees fit.