Execution Config#

Cosmos aims to give you control over how your dbt project is executed when running in airflow. It does this by exposing a cosmos.config.ExecutionConfig class that you can use to configure how your DAGs are executed.

The ExecutionConfig class takes the following arguments:

  • execution_mode: The way dbt is run when executing within airflow. For more information, see the execution modes page.

  • invocation_mode (new in v1.4): The way dbt is invoked within the execution mode. This is only configurable for ExecutionMode.LOCAL. For more information, see invocation modes.

  • test_indirect_selection: The mode to configure the test behavior when performing indirect selection.

  • dbt_executable_path: The path to the dbt executable for dag generation. Defaults to dbt if available on the path.

  • dbt_project_path: Configures the dbt project location accessible at runtime for dag execution. This is the project path in a docker container for ExecutionMode.DOCKER or ExecutionMode.KUBERNETES. Mutually exclusive with ProjectConfig.dbt_project_path.