Project Config#

The cosmos.config.ProjectConfig allows you to specify information about where your dbt project is located and project variables that should be used for rendering and execution. It takes the following arguments:

  • dbt_project_path: The full path to your dbt project. This directory should have a dbt_project.yml file

  • models_relative_path: The path to your models directory, relative to the dbt_project_path. This defaults to models/

  • seeds_relative_path: The path to your seeds directory, relative to the dbt_project_path. This defaults to data/

  • snapshots_relative_path: The path to your snapshots directory, relative to the dbt_project_path. This defaults to snapshots/

  • manifest_path: The absolute path to your manifests directory. This is only required if you’re using Cosmos’ manifest parsing mode

  • project_name : The name of the project. If dbt_project_path is provided, the project_name defaults to the folder name containing dbt_project.yml. If dbt_project_path is not provided, and manifest_path is provided, project_name is required as the name can not be inferred from dbt_project_path

  • dbt_vars: (new in v1.3) A dictionary of dbt variables for the project rendering and execution. This argument overrides variables defined in the dbt_project.yml file. The dictionary of variables is dumped to a yaml string and passed to dbt commands as the –vars argument. Variables are only supported for rendering when using RenderConfig.LoadMode.DBT_LS and RenderConfig.LoadMode.CUSTOM load mode. Variables using Airflow templating will only be rendered at execution time, not at render time.

  • env_vars: (new in v1.3) A dictionary of environment variables used for rendering and execution. Rendering with env vars is only supported when using RenderConfig.LoadMode.DBT_LS load mode.

  • partial_parse: (new in v1.4) If True, then attempt to use the partial_parse.msgpack if it exists. This is only used for the LoadMode.DBT_LS load mode, and for the ExecutionMode.LOCAL and ExecutionMode.VIRTUALENV execution modes. Due to the way that dbt partial parsing works, it does not work with Cosmos profile mapping classes. To benefit from this feature, users have to set the profiles_yml_filepath argument in ProfileConfig.

Project Config Example#

from cosmos.config import ProjectConfig

config = ProjectConfig(
    env_vars={"MY_ENV_VAR": "my_env_value"},
        "my_dbt_var": "my_value",
        "start_time": "{{ data_interval_start.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S') }}",
        "end_time": "{{ data_interval_end.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S') }}",