Operator arguments#

It is possible to pass arguments to Cosmos operators in two ways. Either by passing them when directly instantiating Cosmos Operators or by defining the operator_args within a DbtDag or a DbtTaskGroup instance. The value of operator_args should be a dictionary that will become the underlining operators’ kwargs.

Example of how to set Kubernetes-specific operator arguments:

    # ...
        "queue": "kubernetes",
        "image": "dbt-jaffle-shop:1.0.0",
        "image_pull_policy": "Always",
        "get_logs": True,
        "is_delete_operator_pod": False,
        "namespace": "default",

Example of setting a Cosmos-specific operator argument:

    # ...
    operator_args={"dbt_cmd_global_flags": ["--cache-selected-only"]}

Summary of Cosmos-specific arguments#

Sample usage#

    # ...
        "append_env": True,
        "dbt_cmd_flags": ["--models", "stg_customers"],
        "dbt_cmd_global_flags": ["--cache-selected-only"],
        "dbt_executable_path": Path("/home/user/dbt"),
        "env": {"MY_ENVVAR": "some-value"},
        "fail_fast": True,
        "no_version_check": True,
        "quiet": True,
        "vars": {
            "start_time": "{{ data_interval_start.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S') }}",
            "end_time": "{{ data_interval_end.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S') }}",
        "warn_error": True,
        "cancel_query_on_kill": False,
        "output_enconding": "utf-8",
        "skip_exit_code": 1,

Template fields#

Some of the operator args are template fields for your convenience.

These template fields can be useful for hooking into Airflow Params, or for more advanced customization with XComs.

The following operator args support templating, and are accessible both through the DbtDag and DbtTaskGroup constructors in addition to being accessible standalone:

  • env

  • vars

  • full_refresh (for the build, seed, and run operators since Cosmos 1.4.)


Using Jinja templating for env and vars may cause problems when using LoadMode.DBT_LS to render your DAG.

The following template fields are only selectable when using the operators in a standalone context (starting in Cosmos 1.4):

  • select

  • exclude

  • selector

  • models

Since Airflow resolves template fields during Airflow DAG execution and not DAG parsing, the args above cannot be templated via DbtDag and DbtTaskGroup because both need to select dbt nodes during DAG parsing.

Additionally, the SQL for compiled dbt models is stored in the template fields, which is viewable in the Airflow UI for each task run. This is provided for telemetry on task execution, and is not an operator arg. For more information about this, see the Compiled SQL docs.